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An Ode to Independence Day

As I awoke this morning telling myself not work as it is day to remember my freedom. My freedom of love and the safety that is provided by being able to live in the United States. However, I can’t help, but wonder since I was born in the States. I can’t describe what I’ve been entitled to. There’s no one else I could think of that could describe the “meaning” of freedom better than my parents and siblings who immigrated here.

Remember I’m not supposed to work today, but I was itching to put words on paper. I recall my first article published in the Herald Times. I was 6, just a kindergartner writing about holiday gifts when the story was published. I wish I still had the clip, I wish my journals weren’t thrown away. Oh the many writings that I could’ve easily posted. Digging through boxes while cleaning, again trying not to work, I found a poem I wrote when I was 12. So, I thought I would share a little about family…

Ode to my Father
The one true savior
A true man, a real man who cares
Quiet listener, you’re always there
Silent, strong, and affectionate
Holding the family’s spirit

Ode to my Mother
The soul money collector
Strength and courage
My joy, my pain
She lights my dark with her ways
Blinded by time, she recounts her days

Ode to my Sister
The true believer
Pain never cuts her from me
Mistrust has set her free
My preacher of all times
Never, will she admit the loss she holds inside

Ode to my Brothers
The true warriors
Faith keeps their heads high
Forever by my side
Inside fighting like soldiers at war
Always spreading the love so pure

And so, my family, my freedom is owed to you. As I found this and read it, I can’t help but wonder, what happened to this 12-year-old girl? What happened…

May you and your families have a Happy Independence Day!


In remembrance, July 4, 2018 – RIP Nyab Ka Yee

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