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The Greatest Is Yet To Come

Second day into the start of school and Kyson came home with a fever. What a way to start the year, I eventually had to have him stay home the last day of the week to rest up a bit. That meant no therapy as well. He slept most of that day, on and off, when Ibuprofen would kick in and fever calmed down. He happily played. Either his throat is sore or mouth is swollen, he won’t eat and has been whining when we tried to make him eat. I felt helpless.

Saturday morning, up bright and early as usual. No fever, but still not willing to eat. I could tell he was miserable from being inside that last two days. So, I made up my mind and we ventured out. We head of to the local museum where “Birds in Art” was taking place. The city is holding their annual Art Fest today and instead of overwhelming Kyson with the crowd downtown first, I decided to take him to the museum where we could walk outdoors and view the scenery slowly and adjust to the noise. I had to take a few photos that day anyway so as usual, I bring him with on the scene.

We drop off sister to work (she works downtown and it was packed with people) and drive to the museum. We arrive and park, he joyfully jumps out and excited to see where we are. The first thing that catches his eyes was the enormous statue.

“Oh, what’s that?” Kyson yells.


We make our way closer and then he spots people. I constantly encourage him to come along, we got there. We enter the gates and he’s the happiest kid ever. I was amazed too with all the art sculptures along the path. We walk and Kyson names all the animals.





It was time to enter the building and I take a few breaths, Kyson follows. It’s empty by now as they are about to close, we have 10 minutes. We walk in and Kyson laughs and jumps up and down with excitement. Perhaps because there was no one in the rooms, they were big and open (and full of expensive art). He yells “Hello?” and listens if anyone will reply. Cutest thing ever!


We leave as it’s closing time and hurry to the car. Hopeful we can still make it downtown before everyone closes shop. He sees the parked school bus.


Obviously, he misses school.

Drive off downtown and when we get there everyone is already walking to their cars, we drive pass and just a few stragglers so we decide to head home. I didn’t want our day to end yet and decided to take Kyson out for dinner. Yes, I know, this is HUGE! Taking him to a public restaurant all by myself.

“Kyson, are you hungry?”


“You want to go eat?”


It’s dinnertime and I know restaurants will be packed so I take him to a buffet out of the way. That way he can pick and choose what he wants. His diet isn’t much to begin with anyways and with the not eating much the last two days, I’d be happy if he ate cake. We park, he gets out. We are somewhere completely new to him, a place he’s never been to and he walks towards the door with no worries.

“Is this really happening?” (I’m ready for flight mode the entire time)

We go in and he lights up again! I get our plates and he just walks a long side me taking the new environment in. Of course, with the loud questions of “Oooh, what’s that?”

Kyson picks out the food he’s familiar with. We get to our table, but Kyson was determined to make himself sit in the highchair. I couldn’t help, but laugh. It barely fit him, but yes, he got in.

Then we eat, well I did. Kyson played with his jello. He found it funny to stab it with his fork repeatedly until it was nothing.

“Look, broken.”

“Yeah buddy, it’s all broken.”

Rice – Donut – Potato – Jello

I encourage to him to take a bite, but he wasn’t having it. He wouldn’t even sip the chocolate milk. I’d hope ibuprofen would’ve helped the soreness go away, but didn’t seem like it helped. I ate and Kyson played with his food. He eventually eats two mini cookies. (Better than nothing) When I finish, he looks at me and says,

“Go Mommy car?”

“Yes Kyson, let’s go to my car. We’re all done.”

Despite Kyson’s mild fever this morning, we had such an epic day. I love today! I rushed home and texted my husband what happened. We are both so happy, I hope Kyson is happy as I watch him doze off now to sleep. Today is complete. Tomorrow, the greatest is yet to come.


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