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The Greatest Is Yet To Come

Second day into the start of school and Kyson came home with a fever. What a way to start the year, I eventually had to have him stay home the last day of the week to rest up a bit. That meant no therapy as well. He slept most of that day, on and off,… Continue reading The Greatest Is Yet To Come

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Preparing for School

It's Labor Day, a day to rest and appreciate all the work you put in day in and day out. Even so, my mind is not at rest. School officially starts tomorrow and I'm still not ready. I've been dreading it. Why? Well, still doubting myself on the decision to let him go full days.… Continue reading Preparing for School

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Routines: Living with Consistency

Even before Kyson was born, I’ve always stuck to a routine schedule. The schedule always helped me stay on track to what day it was and what needed to be done, so naturally once I had children the schedule stuck. I think it helps my children know what to expect and what is expected of… Continue reading Routines: Living with Consistency

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Be Observant: Learning Patience

Daily routines for Kyson include our evening walks. He often asks “Want to go for a walk?”  As of lately, I notice that Kyson started to be scared of people walking along the usual path with us. As we walk the neighborhood and if someone happens to be walking towards us, he will ask for… Continue reading Be Observant: Learning Patience

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Just Venting: Gut Feelings

So last week I posted about going from 3 hours to 7 hours of school. I was positive at that moment I made a great decision. I didn’t think to consider his therapy sessions at home. Will it be too much? What if I was wrong? I don’t see how he is at school and… Continue reading Just Venting: Gut Feelings