Full for Nothing: Chefs Who Lose Passion

You see, the last time my husband and I had a night out together was more than 3 months ago, so when Grandma called our son to sleepover during both our nights off. Just our luck! You can only imagine the excitement I had (church choir singing in the background). Yes, a date night meant… Continue reading Full for Nothing: Chefs Who Lose Passion

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Food Blogger, I Am Not!

When I first started to blog, I initially wanted to post my reviews on restaurants that I visited. Although I was able to post one, I haven’t had the chance to do more. Let’s face it, many parents who have children on the spectrum don’t get much outings to wine and dine, especially with their… Continue reading Food Blogger, I Am Not!


Above and Beyond: True Star Restaurant

AMV70R and PV takes on the Windy City Our adventure began with a disappointing lunch at a downtown restaurant. With recent research and rave reviews read, we thought we were in for a special treat. However the story ended in "I can't believe this!" Even though it didn't fulfill our palates, the staff were incredibly… Continue reading Above and Beyond: True Star Restaurant