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Hmong Culture: A Woman’s View

As I was told and taught, as many continue to practice, and some still hold as values...need to stop. We are the change, we are the generation who can change certain beliefs that needs shift. I love my culture and value who I am, where I came from, and those before me. What I speak… Continue reading Hmong Culture: A Woman’s View

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Hmong Funerals: Beginning The Journey

I’ve attended funerals before, but never truly got to witness what happens behind the scenes... that is until my husband lost his grandmother.  I watched, learned and tried gather as much as I could to share this. It has been 8 years since her funeral, but I still remember it vividly. Beginning the Journey -… Continue reading Hmong Funerals: Beginning The Journey

Hmong Culture

Hmong Culture: Being Taken To Spirits

Shamanism by way of animism is the belief in the existence of spirits, both human and inhuman and those possibly never alive. It possesses a spirit world or underworld, while some believe spirits coexist within this world. Shamanism conducted by shamans who communicate and control spirits, usually through a ritual trance state. Shamanism in Western… Continue reading Hmong Culture: Being Taken To Spirits

Hmong Culture


Have you ever been asked why you can’t speak or understand your own language? Let me tell you something, I don’t speak my language either! Well, well okay, I can when I try, but there are a few words that I can’t remember or pronounce correctly. There’s this thing we call speaking “Hmonglish”. Hmonglish basically… Continue reading Hmonglish

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Finding the Translation

Finding the Translation: Part One, From English to Hmong So eventually I knew I had to tell the Grandparents, but first a little background so you understand why it was so difficult. Please note that this explanation is an excerpt of my own knowledge and what I know that were passed down from family. I… Continue reading Finding the Translation